A downloadable 'Sonic Fan game' for Windows

CURRENTLY only a few phases are done: 

 Use this [LINK] to know which phases are ready 


 Again, South Island is in big trouble. Robotinik intends to destroy the island to conquer it. Sonic knowing the "buchotinik" trap asks his friends for help. What Sonic didn't realize was that Robotinik sent his allies to disrupt the hedgehog and his friends.

By default: 

A key - jump 

S key - Ability / Enable Super Shape

 F2 - Restart the game 

F4 - change screen resolution: Window - 420p / 640p Full Screen - 800x600

Check the new codes here [LINK]


SonicBlastGenesisV0.5 A.zip 154 MB
SonicBlastGenesis.rar 58 MB

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